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St. Paul Minnesota in USA is a home of vary amazing things that attract tourists and other long-distance travelers. Many people invade the city during peak seasons making transportation means not so easy to come by. St Paul Charter buses are here to make transportation of large groups of people to various places easy and affordable. Join a large group of people who have fallen in love with prestigious charter buses and are now using them for their transport needs.

Legends Charter Bus St. Paul ensures luxury and comfort while you take your trip. Whether you are traveling for long or short distances with a large group of people, you have nothing to worry about. You will get beautiful experiences as you pass through scenic views with luxurious and affordable transportation.

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Why choose Legends Charter Bus


Unlike public transportation, Charter buses are more comfortable and luxurious. We ensure you enjoy your drive without worrying about your safety. Our drivers have your safety at heart hence they drive with utmost caution. You also get an addition to our services such as storage space and internet connections to ensure you sit comfortably and enjoy yourself throughout the journey.


Charter buses ensure you travel for your long distance places with very affordable prices. It saves you money especially if you are traveling as a group. You will get huge discounts and competitive prices that will not leave your pockets drained.


Our buses cater for all your transport needs at one stop thanks to the variety of services. Whether you are planning to travel for a group tour, parties, outings, weddings, sports teams or corporate events, Legends Charter Buses will get you covered just within a call away. We will help you move a large group of people to and from their destinations within a short time. It doesn’t matter the size of your group since our buses are capable of carrying a large group ranging from 40 to 80 passengers.

Quality service

In addition to the comfort and luxury that you get when you charter our buses, we also guarantee high-quality services that will get you coming back every time you need a bus for your transport needs. Our buses have large storage spaces, free Wi-Fi to keep you connected while enjoying your journey and many other services that ensure you travel in a prestigious way.

Experienced drivers

Our buses are driven by licensed and experienced drivers who love their work and delight in taking you to your destinations. You don’t have to worry about your safety as the drivers know all your safety needs and are very cautious to ensure you reach your destination and return safely.

Regardless of your group size or destination, Legends Charter Bus offers the best transport needs to and from your destination. We will pick you at your location and drop you back at the end of your trip with the finest buses at our disposal. Don’t look anywhere else as we are here to make work easier for you and ease away the burden of making difficult decisions when it comes to your transport needs since our services are the best.